About Us:

Based in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Aadi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of diverse foam products including Furniture Foam, Low Density Foam, Mattress Foam, Reticulated Foam, Hard Foam, Cushion Foam, and Super Soft Foam. Established to meet the increasing demand with precision, our company is recognized for its commitment to quality and long-term client relationships. As manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers, we offer a wide range of PVC foam sheets and boards in various sizes, densities, and thicknesses. Originally founded in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh, we relocated to Greater Noida in 2017 due to space constraints, investing in advanced technology such as a high-pressure machine from M/S Hennecke, Germany, underscoring our dedication to quality production. Our expertise lies in polyurethane foam for home furnishings, ensuring superior quality from raw materials to finished products, meeting diverse market needs. Committed to innovation in the PU foam sector, we cater to a global clientele with scientifically validated manufacturing processes and a comprehensive range of foam products tailored to specific applications like mattresses, pillows, furniture cushioning, automotive seating, and more.

WWe prioritize client satisfaction through cutting-edge technology, rigorous quality testing, and a team of seasoned professionals, ensuring our products meet the highest standards for performance and durability. Trusted nationwide for our excellence in goods and services, we strive to enhance client productivity and revenue through digital marketing initiatives and dedicated customer support, bridging the gap between manufacturers and end-users seamlessly.


Before foam filling existed, stuffing was used ubiquitously in traditional sofa.


Coir is a material processed from the natural husk of coconuts and bristle coir (the longer fibres).

Down Filling

Composed of tiny tangled filaments, down is the soft, insulating under-plumage of birds.

Feather Filling

Feathers come from the hardier overcoat of birds.


A rarely used, traditional sofa filling, horsehair is collected from trimmed horse tails and manes.

Cotton Wadding

Cotton wadding is produced in sheets made of layers of loosely felted or bonded staple cotton fibres and comes in various weights.