Low Density Foam:

We have solidified our company's reputation as one of the top suppliers of low density PU foams in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India). As Low Density Solid Foam of the highest quality is offered by us in a variety of attractive colors, sizes, and thicknesses. The high standards and expectations that customers have for our products are well known to our business. As a result, we are offering them the best business deals available in the sector. Moreover, our high density foams are used for core support, support layers, and edge casing. Law Density PU Foam's physical qualities contribute to users' increased comfort and quality of sleep.

Our low density foam is renowned for its flexible structure, light texture, and strong chemical resistance. Additionally, our product is made of a semi-rigid construction and has a variety of textures. This product is frequently used to create mattresses and pillows. Because it contains open cells, low density solid foam is easily able to absorb liquids. Moreover, it can be molded into any pattern or structure and is lightweight. High levels of comfort are offered. In addition, our product is utilized for seat padding.

Product Specification

Material Pu Foam
Usage/Application Quilted Bags , Bra Cups , Garments , Baby Beddings
Density 15
Type Polyurethane Foam Sheet
Color White