Shoes Foam:

More footwear industries now make use of polyurethane, the material of choice for shoe soles. The development of polyurethane technologies for use in shoe soles is largely responsible for this growth. These technologies offer increased comfort and resistance against abrasion. Additionally, the low density of polyurethane in shoe soles makes for lighter-weight shoes. Foam is utilized in footwear as insoles to improve the fit of the shoes. Foam is utilized to provide cushioning and protection, particularly in sport's shoes. In clothing and footwear, PU foam materials offer essential properties including comfort, protection, and support. They provide customers with a wide selection at reasonable prices and are strong, and multifunctional. Leading company Aadi Polymerse is one of the top Shoe foam manufacturers in Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India), as it fills a specialized market with high-quality polyurethane foam for shoes, including shoe midsoles, sports shoes, bottoms, and uppers. They are flexible, comfortable, and simple to wear, and they offer good long-term mechanical qualities. We produce special footwear-grade foams including UV foam, Soft foam, and Hard foam are produced by us.

Product Specification

Material EVA
Colour Black,White,Brown
Size 6-10